We are committed to creating long time partnerships with IT industry leaders in order to provide our clients with the best solutions and services that address their business needs.

Our main partners are:


HP is a leading supplier for enterprises with large and complex IT infrastructures and governments. HP provides key technologies for today’s businesses: servers, network administration software, end-to-end IT services in applications, business processes and security software suites.
Quantrio is an HP Software Gold Business Partner.


Microsoft Corporation provides a wide range of computing solutions, including business software productivity suites, cloud computing, servers, operating systems and much more.
Through our partnership with Microsoft we offer our clients security software suites including forefront protection for SharePoint, Exchange, Office Communications Servers and we help them customize and improve security and its management according to their business needs. Quantrio is a Microsoft Silver Identity and Security Partner.



VMware is a global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Through our partnership, we offer customized solutions which help companies accelerate IT processes, simplify the IT infrastructure and decrease IT expenses.
Quantrio is a VMware Professional Solution Provider Partner.



Symantec helps organizations secure and manage their data, by providing enterprise software solutions for security management, endpoint security, messaging security, antivirus and malware protection. Through our partnership with Symantec, we offer our customers solutions for security, storages and systems management.
Quantrio is a Symantec Registered Partner.



A leading international security solutions provider and pioneer of software-based VPN solutions since 1991, Infotecs developed its Peer-to-Peer ViPNet technology to deliver greater security, flexibility, and throughput than other solutions on the market. ViPNet is the only solution that supports true endpoint to endpoint security and delivers robust, rock-solid security which is  scalable, flexible, easy to deploy, manage and maintain. The ViPNet solutions seamlessly integrate into existing networks enabling customers to achieve the right balance of high security with low complexity and low risk.


Boldon James

Boldon James is an UK-based company and a Microsoft Global Go-To-Market Partner. It helps companies with complex communications systems to secure sensitive and confidential information.
Most of Boldon James’ software suites are integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, thus extending the capabilities of core Microsoft products.



SST designs and manufactures communications security equipment for government or international organizations such as NATO. They specialize in TEMPEST, EMC, rugged and encryption solutions that meet the security standards and compliance of military and government agencies.



ArcSight is an HP company and a leading global provider of security and compliance management solutions. Through our partnership with ArcSight, we help companies identify cyber threats and acquire complete visibility across their IT infrastructure.



Autonomy is an HP company which provides software that processes unstructured data. Some of their services are: information governance, business process management and customer interaction solutions.  Autonomy has worked with 87 companies of the Fortune 100.