After helping you decide what solutions are best fitted for your business, we take care of everything needed for you to have all chosen solutions and products in place. We offer comprehensive implementation services for the solutions that we support and we have already proven our success, as the customer retention rate on recurring projects is 100%.

Our full range of implementation services will quickly and efficiently deploy the solution that you choose:

Architecture Services

  • Systems Architecture: no matter which of our solutions you choose, the initial planning and analysis of how it would fit into your system is crucial. We also analyze the relationship between your system’s components and decide the best strategy in order to integrate all components of the new solution into your existing processes.
  • Solution Design: We design the chosen solutions keeping in mind your business needs, so that the new implemented technology will prove its value inside your business IT infrastructure. This is supported by our solutions of application management and BSM.

System Integration

  • Application Packages: Through our partnership with HP, Microsoft and VMware, we offer implementation for different Applications Lifetime Management solutions that will integrate seamlessly into your business processes.
  • Development and Integration Services: Starting from analyzing your existing IT systems, we make sure to implement infrastructure, customer service and web application support into an easy-to-use platform, that will help you simplify processes and cut costs.
  • Data and Content Services: Through our information management solutions, from renowned partners such as HP, Microsoft and IBM, we offer both e-governance and content management systems applications implementation.

Infrastructure Services

  • System Engineering: We analyze your system’s entire life cycle through analysis, integration, and performance assessing and constant re-evaluation.
  • Network Engineering: We will help you build a strong, robust network that will ensure business continuity and data availability.
  • Security: We implement renowned solutions from HP, Symantec and Boldon James to help you keep your IT systems secure in a timely and cost effective manner.

We also offer virtualization solutions through our partnership with VMware, that allow business critical web applications to run in virtual and cloud environments. Migrating from a physical environment to the cloud has countless benefits, such as scalability, decreasing IT costs, and increased speed of delivery.  Quantrio can help you build new or modernize current applications through their application platform and to reduce your costs by virtualizing and making the apps cloud-scalable.

In addition, we deliver proactive maintenance for the solutions that we implement in order to prevent any challenges and make sure we always offer the best quality solutions that your organization needs.