Application Management

Optimizing the business value of IT becomes increasingly complex as applications tend to be more web-oriented and the amount of data to be processed grows. Thus the infrastructure that is needed to support applications becomes more complex as well.

With the support of Application Lifetime Management (ALM), the interface between the business processes and the IT infrastructure, you can manage an application through the governance, development and maintenance of all key elements of an app, such as user interface, data, controls and security.

Benefits of ALM are multiple, but the most relevant are:

  • Productivity is increased by centralizing best practices for development and deployment.
  • Improved quality of applications.
  • Facilitates collaboration and sharing of information to the end of reducing time and expenses by accelerating the development cycle.
  • The ROI is increased by efficient investment in skills, processes and technologies.
  • Allows you to monitor every stage of the application life cycle.
  • Ongoing maintenance, constant monitoring and support services.

Quantrio has the right solution for you to make sure that all applications are optimized so that the investments spent on IT are in line with your business objectives.

Our solutions:

HP Application Performance Center:

  • HP Business Process Insight software can monitor the performance of back-end business processes.
  • HP Business Process Monitor software provides synthetic transactions to identify availability and performance issues before they impact your customers and business.
  • HP Diagnostics software identifies and resolves performance problems, and boosts application availability, with a simple yet powerful application root cause analysis solution.
  • HP Real User Monitor software gives you complete visibility into the experience and behavior of every user, from every location, for critical Web applications.
  • HP SiteScope software lets you maintain the availability and performance of your distributed IT infrastructures.
  • HP TransactionVision software provides business transaction monitoring that dramatically increases visibility into your customer-facing transactions.

HP Performance Validation Center:

  • HP Diagnostics software identifies and resolves performance problems, and boosts application availability, with a simple yet powerful application root cause analysis solution.
  • HP LoadRunner software helps prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and offers an accurate picture of the end-to-end system before its live launch.
  • HP Performance Center software offers enterprise level performance testing ¬†and includes a management framework that will help you standardize processes and centralize resources.

HP Quality Center:

  • HP Agile Delivery software offers management, automation, and collaboration capabilities and also integrates features like QA, resulting in higher quality and lower-risk deliveries.
  • HP Application Lifecycle Management helps you take control of your application lifecycle, which accelerates the delivery of secure, reliable and modern applications.
  • HP Business Process Testing software allows you to create manual test cases aligned with business processes, in order to acquire accurate functionality coverage.
  • HP Functional Testing software accelerates automated software testing by simplifying test design and maintenance which will help you reduce risk and improve quality for your modern applications.
  • HP Quality Center software represents a complete quality management infrastructure in a scalable, unified platform for managing and automating the delivery of ¬†secure, reliable and quality applications.
  • HP Requirements Management helps you find ways to improve requirements management throughout the application development and testing cycle.
  • HP Service Test software helps you visually construct tests by dragging ready to use activities, thus providing a new approach to services and component testing.
  • HP Sprinter provides a suite of advance features and tools that make manual testing more efficient and effective.

Applications become more complex as your business grows! Let us take care of cost reduction, increased quality, increased compliance and maximized benefits by simplifying your business through our ALM solutions.