Information Management

In any large organization, the amounts of information that need to be hosted, processed, classified and analyzed can be overwhelming. Organizing these loads of information is a crucial aspect of any business.  We believe that optimizing business information should be a top priority for any CEO.

Quantrio’s Information Management solutions are tailored for each business in order to help you manage all business information. We also provide the consultancy needed in order to achieve legal and regulatory compliance.


1) Governance and E-Discovery solutions


By failing to meet compliance and legal regulations, you expose your organization to the risk of fines, lawsuits and the deterioration of your company’s image in the eyes of the public opinion. Quantrio’s Governance and E-Discovery solutions help you reduce the cost and risk associated with not meeting e-discovery and compliance requirements.

2) Content Management System Application solutions


  • Document and Information Management – we customize both your information publishing as well as your document sharing and revision control in order to ensure that your workgroups are always using the latest copies, and can easily find all documents which pertain to their job functions.
  • Portal Development – our expertise with web portal development and portal maintenance extends to cover all possible needs. We have designed and developed multi-dimensional web portals, be it B2B (Business to Business) portals, B2C (Business to Consumer) portals, or e-commerce portals.
  • Web Part Development – we create customized “web parts” – added functionality components – which can be plugged into the core SharePoint module. We can create links to new applications, websites, intranet or even entire standalone applications which work seamlessly with SharePoint.

Related products

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2010, your employees can set up websites in order to share information, manage documents, and to publish reports which will help everyone make better decisions.
  • Autonomy’s Web Content Management Solution provides contextual understanding from interactions across multiple channels such as websites, emails, tweets, blogs, audio, video, images, CRM, ERP and more, with solutions for document and records management, compliance, email  and medical archiving.
  • EasyScan is a scanner device software for Windows-based computers, that uses Twain standard interface capabilities to allow you to scan images. It helps standardize the use of scanners with different interfaces and offers a powerful interface with multiple features

3) Business Continuity and Availability Solutions


Because information is at the core of your business, you must always ensure business continuity and availability capabilities. Your organization has to meet business-specific recovery objectives, protect its information and make it available around the clock with limited resources and within tight budgets. Quantrio offers effective solutions to help you deal with increasing information volumes, to better manage your data and reduce IT security risks.

Related products

  • HP Data Protector Software offers high-performance backup in order to ensure 24×7 business continuity with an effective pricing. It can also help you reduce IT complexity while delivering the reliability and scalability needed to fully develop a distributed enterprise infrastructure.

With Quantrio’s mix of selected solutions from partners, implementation and consultancy services, you can structure the processing and delivery of information in order to proactively manage your business’ information.