IT Governance

IT governance enables IT to adhere to business objectives and maximize value from investment. It aims to protect against failures that can result from the misalignment of IT and business objectives. The governance strategy needs to be flexible enough to rapidly respond to changes in market conditions, management team or portfolio and corporate strategy.

IT governance is also about defining measures and controls to ensure that IT operations are compliant with certain standards and frameworks. It helps organizations to :

  • decide the proper strategies,
  • define the objectives aligned with the business requirements,
  • prioritize strategies and objectives,
  • justify IT investments,
  • define and manage risks,
  • decide what projects need to be executed and set priorities,
  • measure and control the IT’s conformance to the objectives set, and to the defined standards.

Through its solutions, Quantrio helps you control and coordinate your IT investments and connect them to the needs of your business, customers and stakeholders.


HP Project and Portfolio Management Center empowers  your company to improve returns on its IT investments.

  • HP Application Portfolio Management provides ongoing governance through business events and enables IT to prioritize the application portfolio for modernization opportunities.

  • HP Executive Scorecard gathers metrics from across your IT systems and builds key performance indicators to show insights that can help to convey the value of IT.

  • HP Project and Portfolio Management  Center integrates and unifies the investment management and the project execution. It provides real-time visibility into all your investments at all times, and from multiple perspectives.

HP SOA Center. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a set of principles that dramatically improves the flexibility and adaptability of your IT organization by accelerating time-to-market for new applications. SOA helps minimize the IT costs by making services highly reusable.

  • HP SOA Management software helps you manage and improve your service level agreements.

  • HP SOA Policy Enforcer software provides assurances that services are meeting technical and business requirements. It is focused on runtime policy enforcement.

  • HP SOA Quality software helps your quality professionals and testing teams manage functional and performance testing and automate key tests.

  • HP SOA Registry Foundation software enables  a powerful, standards-based way to publish, categorize and discover SOA services and artifacts.

  • HP SOA and Application Governance software delivers the best practices and a way to manage services and their dependencies as they go through their lifecycles.

  • HP Systinet provides a registry and repository to store service artifacts and metadata. It allows users to track relationships and dependencies within and between individual services, including composite application flows. Lifecycle processes and task-based workflows can be defined to manage the entire service lifecycle.